Stu Swartz has over thirty years of experience as a manager and consultant in the broadcasting industry. He has successfully managed people, projects and budgets while dramatically growing revenues, cash flow and the value of the stations he managed. Swartz's experience in achieving success as a top executive at an independent station as well as at a station owned by one of the nation's largest broadcasting groups gives him a unique perspective through which to acquire, advise and improve stations.

Swartz started his career in advertising and promotion at KMSP Television in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the nation's 15th largest media market. After two years he moved to sales and was eventually promoted to Sales Manager. After ten years in sales, he became Station Manager and then General Manager for KMSP, which was then a small ABC affiliate. When ABC dropped KMSP as an affiliate, critics predicted the end of the station. However, due to Swartz's leadership and ability to manage during change, KMSP became the #1 independent station in the country, jumping from the number four revenue-producing station in the market to number two, outpacing all but one network affiliate. Swartz has consistently run an extremely lean organization. Yet, he takes great pride in the fact that during his years as General Manager there was very little turnover in direct managers.

Swartz's accomplishments at KMSP resulted in additional responsibility within Chris-Craft and the broadcasting industry at large. As Vice President of United Television (a Chris-Craft subsidiary), Swartz was given oversight of Chris-Craft's newly acquired station in Orlando, and began supervising sales strategy and non-traditional revenue development for all ten Chris-Craft stations. His non-traditional revenue activities, which included profitably harnessing the Internet, resulted in $9 million in profit in 2001 for the group. Swartz's achievements and deep industry relationships have elevated him to a leadership position within the broadcasting industry. He served on the board of ALTV (an organization representing hundreds of television stations and each of the major movie studios) for ten years, and was the Chairman from 1991 to 2001. In this capacity he supervised and participated in lobbying efforts in Washington, DC on behalf of television broadcasters. Additionally, Swartz served on the original Board of Governors for the Fox Television Network during KMSP's brief affiliation with the upstart network.

By any measure, Swartz has achieved industry-leading performance in the stations he has run. KMSP was ranked the #1 independent station (share of audience) in the United States eight out of ten years. At KMSP, Swartz grew broadcast cash flow from under $5 million to over $18 million while the competition in the market increased from four stations to eight. He bolstered margins from 29% to a high of 43% while he expanded news, and its commensurate investments, from 30 minutes to five hours. The quality of the news grew from an acknowledged also-ran, to an award-winning product capturing Emmys and AP awards over stations from Minneapolis, Chicago and Milwaukee. The value of KMSP under Swartz's watch grew from approximately $40 million to $360 million upon its sales. In one year of supervising the Orlando station, broadcast cash flow increased by 110%.

With a long history of superior financial performance, managerial expertise and over 30 years of deep relations in the station, studio and advertising communities, Stu Swartz stands among the broadcasting industry's very best leaders.

Today, Swartz works as a Television and Radio industry consultant focusing on sports contract negotiations, station management (including operational improvements, programming, and new business/sales initiatives), and station valuations.

Consulting Engagements Include:

• Securing a five-year broadcast contract for the Minnesota Wild of the NHL resulting in net cash flow of hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Swartz also advises the Wild on improving media sales techniques.

• Negotiating the largest high school sports television contract in the United States on behalf of the Minnesota State High School League.

• Representing the Massachusetts State High School League in its television broadcast negotiations.

• General broadcast consulting to the Seattle Seahawks of the NFL.

• Advising Hubbard Broadcasting (KSTP/KSTC-TV) on sales, operations and programming ventures.

• Analyzing operations and valuation work for network affiliate TV station/newspaper company in Idaho.

• Expert witness on behalf of multi-billion dollar international television conglomerate.

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