How do DVRs effect sports viewing and its advertisers?

– Senior Vice President of a Major Advertising Agency

The growing use of DVRS, or digital video recorders (such as TiVo), has created a serious concern for advertisers – and rightfully so. Aside from the clarity of the digital picture, one of the biggest selling points of these products is the ability to easily skip or eliminate commercial messages. For many programs, this creates a bit of a challenge, since they’re frequently recorded and viewed at a later time. Not so for sports programming. Research suggests that sports broadcasts are the true "appointment" TV programs and that most viewers go out of their way to watch them as they happen. As a consequence, the commercial messages in sports broadcasts are also less likely to be missed – and should command a higher cost-per-thousand when being sold. Stu Swartz Sports Media routinely works with our clients’ sales teams to help determine the actual input in each market. Are you receiving full value for your broadcasts?

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How do DVRs effect sports viewing and its advertisers?

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