How will the growth of HDTV effect sports coverage?

– Executive Vice President of a NHL Team

Needless to say, the life-like clarity and amazing detail of HDTV will make all sports events more exciting to watch. With the possible exception of professional football (which already receives superior coverage and high quality production), fans of virtually every sport should enjoy a noticeable improvement in the viewing experience. Think about all the baseball games, hockey games or golf tournaments you’ve watched squinty-eyed because you’re trying to follow the ball or puck. The density of the high-definition screen eliminates all of that blur and fuzz, so you can watch that homer clear the fence from the next room. And what’s good for fans, is good for their teams. A better viewing experience means more viewers. So, the time to think about your future broadcast rights is right now.

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How will the growth of HDTV effect sports coverage?

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